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Feature List SEO Standard SEO Elite SEO Premium
No of Keywords 4-5 Keywords 10-15 Keywords 30 Keywords
On-Page Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Meta Creation Yes Yes Yes
Code Correction Yes Yes Yes
Detailed Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Blog Creation No Yes Yes
Blog posting ( 250 words) No 4 6
Article Writing & Submission 1x1 2x2 4x4
Press Release Writing & Submit 0 1x5 2x10
Social Signals 200 1000 2500
Google Local Listing No Yes Yes
Search Engine Submission 50 150 400
Directory Submission 25 75 150
Backlink Creation 125 1200 2000
Google SiteMap Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Pricing $69/Month $249 One Time $499 One Time
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