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Let death wait! Mysteries of space and time

It was proved the reality of curing any diseases and Ė aging (because it is an original disease), and prolonging menís life for period of 4000 - 5000 years ( works 1,3-12) It was proved the reality of such mysterious phenomena as materialization, dematerialization, moving through the time, Yeti (Big Foot), Nessy, Bermuda Triangle, parallel worlds, UFOs, telepathy, teleportation, time machine, rays of eyesight, ghosts, biofield et al. (works 2,13-24).

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Custom Essays

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Environment is the surrounding that have got natural resources . Natural resources is a gift of natural that should be preserves not only for present generation but also for future generation

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Free Electronic Circuits,Schematic Diagram,Circuit Diagrams,diy,hobby schematic free, circuit schema

Free Electronic Circuits,Schematic Diagram,Circuit Diagrams free, electronic circuit, circuit diagram, circuit schematic, schematic diagram, electronic diagram, audio, amplifier, power supply, guitar effect, current loop, current limiter, video, receiver, tran

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Hazwoper Safety Training

OSHA Hazwoper Certification Course online. Apply for OSHA Hazwoper Certification training online. We offer OSHA Hazwoper Certification Courses for workplace and employers safety. Find 40 Hour Hazwoper Training Online. Offer OSHA 40 Hour Hazwoper Course.

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