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Tollywood,Bollywood,Kollywood,Latest News,Reviews,
Tollywood,Bollywood,Kollywood,Latest News,Reviews,

Tollywood,Bollywood,Kollywood,Latest News,Reviews,India film profiles

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Ganda Hendathi movie actress Sanjana profile

Ganda Hendathi movie actress Sanjana profile:-

Name: Sanjana(ಸಂಜನಾ)

Other names: Archana Galrani

Nick name: San

Date of Birth: October 10, 1989

Birth place: Bangalore

Height: 5'7''

Zodiac Sign : Libra

First film: Ganda Hendathi (2006)

Trivia: Sanjana became popular in Kannada film industry with her hot assets in movie Ganda Hendathi, remake of Hindi movie 'Murder' starring Mallika sherawat

Kannada actress Ramya profile

Kannada actress Ramya profile :-

Name: Ramya (ರಮ್ಯ)

Other names: Divya Spandana

Nick name: Lucky star

Date of Birth: November 29, 1982

Birth place: Bangalore

Height: 5'1''

School: St. Hilda's school in Ooty, Tamil Nadu

College: St. Joseph's College of Commerce, Bangalore

Andrita ray Kannada actress profile

Andrita ray Kannada actress profile:-

Name: Andrita ray (ಅಂದ್ರಿತ ರೇ)

Other names: None

Nick name: None

Date of Birth: 16th April

Birth place: Rajastan, India

Height: 5'1''

School: Baldwin High School, Bangalore

College: Dr. B R Ambedkar Dental College, Bangalore

First film: Meravanige (2008)

Trivia: Andrita ray is basically of Bengali origin

Real star Upendra profile and biography

Real star Upendra profile and biography:-

Name: Upendra (ಉಪೇಂದ್ರ)

Other names: Uppi

Nick name: Real star

Profession: Actor, Director

Date of Birth: September 18, 1967

Birth place: Kota, Udupi district, Karnataka

Height: 5'11''

Spouse: Priyanka Trivedi

First film: A (as actor), Tharle Nan Maga (as director)

Trivia: Om (1995) movie directed by Upendra has completed 50 Weeks and Released in theaters till today
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Kannada star Puneet Rajkumar biography

Kannada star Puneet Rajkumar biography:-

Name: Puneet Rajkumar (ಪುನೀತ್ ರಾಜಕುಮಾರ್)

Other names: none

Nick name: Power Star

Date of Birth: March 17, 1975

Birth place: Bangalore

Height: 5'8''

Spouse: Ashwini Revanath

First film: Premada kanike (as a child artist), Appu (as hero)

National Film Award for Best Child Artist for the film Bettada Hoovu in 1986
Karnataka State Film Award, Best Actor - Milana - 2007
South India Films Association, Best Actor - Arasu - 2007

Trivia: As a child artist, he appeared in 12 films.

Manasare movie actor Diganth profile

Manasare movie actor Diganth profile:-

Name: Diganth (ದಿಗಂತ್)

Other names: none

Nick name: None

Date of Birth: N/A

Birth place: Theertha halli, Shimoga, Karnataka

Height: 5'9''

First film: Miss California (2006)

Trivia: Became popular with small role in the movie Mungaru Male

Challenging star Darshan Thoogudeepa biography

Challenging star Darshan Thoogudeepa biography:-

Name: Darshan Thoogudeepa (ದರ್ಶನ್ ತೂಗುದೀಪ್)

Other names: Knock out star, Action king

Nick name: Challenging star

Date of Birth: February 16, 1977

Birth place: Mysore

Height: 6'3''

Spouse: Vijaya Lakshmi Darshan

First film: Majestic (2000)

Trivia: He is the son of famous Kannada artist Thoogudeepa Srinivas, Darshan owns a zoo privately in far east of Mysuru, Karnataka


A.R Rahman shocked with Oscar Awards

Ismail Darbar who is a Bollywood music composer made many allegations against A.R Rahman while speaking to the media in Nagpur. He said, “ I have a feeling that A.R Rahman has paid money to get the Oscar Awards for the film Slumdog Millionaire. If A.R Rahman has real talent, he should have got the Oscar Awards for the film Roja or Bombay. I know that he has purchased these awards.”

When asked Ismail Darbar if he has got any proof for his statement, he was not able to give a fitting reply. Bollywood people condemned and lambasted Ismail for his irresponsible fabricated statement.

Bollywood music composer Lalith Pandit while commenting about this said, “ A.R Rahman is a person who brought name and fame to India by winning the Oscar Awards. It is not right to speak bad about him.”

When asked A.R Rahman about this allegation, he said, “ Nobody can purchase Oscar Awards. Three thousand people vote for this award. How is it possible to buy this award.”

I perform for the people and not for awards – Vikram

Actor ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram has said that it was his duty to perform and shine in a variety of roles as an actor and that he was doing so for his fans and the people and not with any particular award in mind. “Acting is my profession; whatever accolades and awards that I get are a bonus,” remarked the ever-humble actor.

Vikram’s ‘Deiva thirumagal’ hit the screens recently amid reports that the film has been well received by the movie-goers at all the centres. The film has the lanky Anushka, Amala Paul, Santhanam and M.S Baskar as Vikram’s co-stars in the film. Directed by Vijay, the film is said to be based on the Hollywood flick ‘I am Sam’ which had Sean Penn in the lead.

Taking part in a promotional event at a cinema hall in Coimbatore, Vikram said that “Each and every sequence in the film was carefully crafted as I played a person whose mental maturity was like that of a 5-year old child. It was said that college students may not take a liking to films such ‘Deiva thirumagal’ but I’m told that students are coming to the theatres in large numbers to watch the film. I think audience love good films, irrespective of whether they are commercial films such as ‘Dhool’ and ‘Samy’ or classic films such as this.

“As far as my opinion goes, I never star in a film with awards in mind. My job is to entertain the public and I perform all the roles so as to give them enough satisfaction of having watched good film(s),” concluded Vikram.

Shankar & Vijay upset with Jeeva?

Shankar & Vijay upset with Jeeva?

Director Shankar and actor Vijay were conspicuous by their absence at the recent audio-launch of actor Jeeva’s ‘Rowthiram’. Shankar is presentlydirecting ‘Nanban’ (a remake of Bollywood superhit film ‘3 Idiots’) which stars Vijay, Jeeva and Srikanth in lead roles. As such, Jeeva was expected to have hit it off with Vikram and Shankar and the crew of the film. It is rumoured [...]Related NewsShankar & Vijay upset with Jeeva?Ileana reveals Nanban secretsSpeculation continues Vijay/Surya

A.R Rahman happy to wait for Rajnikanth

A.R Rahman happy to wait for Rajnikanth

Usually, producers and directors tend to wait for music wizard A.R Rahman tocompose songs for their films as the musician is always caught in tight schedules. In the case of superstar Rajnikanth’s upcoming film ‘Raana’, though, the situation is entirely opposite. A.R Rahman himself is said to be waiting for Rajini to bounce back into action and start shooting for ‘Raana’. A.R Rahman is said to have composed four [...]Related NewsA.R Rahman happy to wait for RajnikanthHappy Birthday A.RRahmanA.R Rahman nominated for ‘Oscars’ again

Poraali movie Review (4/5)

The film Poraali released on Dec 8 will surely reach a position after their last hit “Nadodigal”. The first half of the movie goes smoothly and the second half shows what Poraali is all about, which is a flashback.
First Half…

Second Half…
One of the rare movies and don’t give us the chance to guess what the next scene would be. Songs are fantastic and describes about the situations. The sound effects in the film give us the terror feel.

The story revolves around the two friends and violent in their life. Let me give 4/5 for the movie and don’t miss to watch the movie. A great suspense and thrill is waiting for you in the theater.

Danush is my friend, don't tease him : Simbhu

Simbhu's vambu has taken a new shape, as, while Simbhu's fans are made to compare and critisise Danush of his Kolaveri song, Simbhu has asked his fans to stop it immediately, trying to create a Big Man image!

In a special not to his fans through his social network site, Simbhu has said that "Danush is an upcoming great actor. (please make a note - upcoming) Danush has tried to sing a song and write lyrics for the same (make a note - Tried), as Danush has rights to write and sing songs on his own... More over, Danush is my close friend... So don't compare Danush's song with my brilliant works... Danush is my close friend"

This announcement from Simbhu has angered Danush's fans...

Pakistan babe Veena seeks Rs 10 crore for her nudity!

Pakistani actress Veena Malik, who works as model, has sought guidance from her so called mentor Mahesh Bhatt to help her in getting a big compensation for her image being published nude, which has created a strom in her country.

Bhatt asked her to slap a legal notice to the “so-called” offenders who have maligned her image by showing her nude on the cover of their magazine, FHM. Veena has sent a legal notice to Maxposure Corporate Media (India) Private Limited, Chief Editor, FHM Magazine Kabeer Sharma and photographer Vishal Saxena.

Veena has asked the reprobates to stop publication and circulation of the copies of the magazine in question, withdraw issues that are in circulation and pay her a whopping Rs 10 crores as compensation for trying to damage her reputation within a time frame of 24 hours from the receipt of the notice.

On being quizzed by reporters, Mahesh Bhatt said, “Let the cops now decide who is lying.”

Veena has certainly maintained her stand on the controversy and has categorically denied having posed nude for the magazine. But back home, her father seems to be mighty miffed with her and reportedly has asked authorities to take stringent action against her.

Only time will tell if the Pakistani actress is indeed innocent or not!

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