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Livingstone International University for Tourism Excellence & Business Management Home Page

LIUTEBM is a Registered and Accredited International University, duly Recognised by the Min. of Education, Govt of Zambia registered under the Education Act, CAP 136 of the Laws of Zambia, as a center of higher education in the tourism industry as well as to be incoporated as a private University under the Companies Act, CAP 388 of the Laws of Zambia. It is also fully recognised in the World Higher Education Directory - WHED, maintained by the International Association of Universities - IAU, United Nations Organization. All the degrees and certificates awarded by LIUTEBM are recognised world over.

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Welcome to Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence and Business Management (LIUTEBM) located in Lusaka, Zambia. This is the first choice University for School Leavers, Certificate and Diploma Holders from recognised learning institutions. It is also prefered by working professionals focusing on improving their knowledge, skills and competence in a particular field and industry.

Everyone these days requires to extend their capacity throguh further knowledge acquisition and LIUTEBM is one the most unique and exceling universities of its kind in Zambia offering university education at both Under and Post Graaduate levels including the British PhD programme in International Business Management.

The aim of the university is to offer the students a hybrid of quality theoretical and practical education.The institution' s mission of enhancing the human and ecological livelihoods for sustainable development means that the student' s future is the university' s top priority. The primary goal of the institution is to ensure that the graduates being churned out of it's educational wheel all acquire the necessary confidence, knowledge, skills and professional acumen befitting the market demand

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Admission form, May | 24.04.2018

Application PDF These downloadable application form is a PDF document.

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The University's core business is the provision of high quality education, training, consultancy and research and activities that are relevant to, and best serve the needs of individuals and organizations operating in the tourism industry and allied services in the quest for continous performance, improved and sustainable growth and development.

The University seeks to foster mutually reinforcing operational synergies between the aforementioned activities in an integrated and frontal approach to individual and organizational performance improvement, growth and development. Thus,the educational and training functions will seek to contribute their knowledge and skills towards the undertaking of consultancy and research activities and the latter will, in turn, seek to feed their results into, and encourage synergy with, the educational and training functions.

The University strives to offer cost-effective, innovative and relevant programmes and practical solutions to organizational problems in order to maximize client organisations' and individuals' performance and development goals and objectives. It will endeavour to promote and inculcate a culture of business and service excellence in the tourism and allied industries throughout its service area.

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The University's market segment will consist of the provision of integrated consultancy and research services tailored to the needs of the tourism and allied industries sector.

Liutebm Graduation 2014 Those consultancy and research services will be predicated upon and draw on the knowledge and expertise base that will be driving the educational and training programmes as set out at Annex 2 and will, in turn, enrich the latter programmes in an integrated and operationally synergistic strategy for the sector.

Specifically, the consultancy and research services will be designed to contribute to the development of knowledge which enriches the educational and training programmes through continuous needs identification, new programmes development, and training materials

development (especially case studies) based upon consultancy and research experiences; to provide applied information for evidence-based organisational problem-solving and business decision-making; and to create value in tourism and allied services through the provision of practical advice on corporate strategies and business growth and development to enhance client organisational contribution to the sustainable development of national economies in the region.

This market is expected to make up 20% of the market in terms of income generation, with potential for growth through commercialized and donor funded consultancy and research projects.

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Liutebm New Campus 2018

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Livingstone International University of Tourism received the International Star for Quality in Leadership Award in the Gold Category- Paris 2012


Plot No. 2746/M, 2nd Street, Ibex Hill Extension, P.O Box 38490, Lusaka, Zambia. Tel.- (+260) 211- 237897, Mobile- (+260) 977-766 866, 978-430872, 953-656029
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