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Business card printing is vital for all companies, small businesses, consultants, shops, service sector business etc…  The business card printing process is quite simple – once you have decided on the design and text of your business card simple send the psd file to the printer and they will run it through their systems and input it into their printers to run the specified run for your business cards and then run the business cards through the cutting machine to get you the size you desire for your business cards.   Business card printing is available in malls all across America; these places provide 1 hour service on 250 business cards.  There are also many sites on the internet that provide business card printing services, they allow you to choose the card type and size and you can provide any design and they will print it for you in small to large quantities as you require.  The average price of business card printing ranges from $ 81.99 for 250 business cards to $ 1,999.99 for 100,000 business cards.  Obviously, as you increase the number of business cards the average price per card goes down.  Keep in mind, cheap business card deals are always available but be wary of any deal that is too good to be true. 
Designing Business Cards
Designing business cards can be as simple and as complicated as you desire, check out the business card templates section where you can find a number of professional business card templates.  Business card printing is easy, send your find design and info to the printers and they will give your designs the full bleed and send you a final approve before they start the printing presses.  Business cards need to be on thick card, gloss and matte are up to personal taste however I think for companies’ matte and for shop fronts gloss.  Information to include on your business card would be all contact details, have your logo, company and slogan on your business card prominently displayed.  Before business card printing process can begin you need to decide on the standard 3.5 x 2 or the upright 2 x 3.5.  Once you have decided on your business card size and positioning, you can start work on the business card design.  You can go with the motif of your corporate identity or design a completely unique business card.  Part of the business card process, you must include your logo and tag line along with your contact details for your business card
You can order business cards by the mail, internet and via vending machines.  Business cards are an essential part of networking in today’s business world.  Business cards allow you to make an impression of your business, your corporate culture and most importantly your contact information. 
The Business card printing process
Business card printing process # 1 – Choose business card size and position upright/traditional
Business card printing process # 2 - Design business card – select motif
Business card printing process # 3 – Choose paper/card – recommended 12pt card
Business card printing process # 4 – Choose matte or gloss finish

Ambient Printing has a section dedicated to free photoshop templates for download by all users, this section includes free flyer templates, free brochure templates, free logo templates, free business card templates and free newsletter templates

Free flyer templates are available from our templates section.  Download one of our free flyer templates and begin designing your flyer.  All of the free flyer templates contain a PSD (photoshop) file with a full color motif and text, simply edit the text and pictures to your liking and you can also change the colors of the motif.  Once you have completed all the edits you can print it out on a color printer to check the proportions and then you are ready to send it to a printer for mass printing.  The free flyer templates sections have a number of flyers to choose from with differing designs.  The free flyer templates section gets updates frequently, so please check back periodically for new flyer designs

Designing Flyers

When it comes to designing a flyer, you need to decide on the size first, you can use the traditional 8.5 x 11 inches standard flyer.  It’s best to stick with one side printing only to save on printing costs.  You can find flyer designs in our free flyer templates section, where there are a number of different flyer designs for you to choose from.  Pick a flyer design that is suitable to your particular situation and edit the content and change the pictures and colors to your personalized taste.  Once you are satisfied with your flyer design, you can mail it to your printer and they will print your flyers for you. 

Tri fold brochures are the most popular brochures in the market today.  Tri fold brochures allow you to show case your products and provide salient benefits of your products and services.  Tri fold brochures have 2 folds and 3 panels on each side, with a total of 6 panels for product specifications and illustrations.  In tri fold brochures the outer panel # 1 is where the product picture, company logo and a catchy tag line go.  Panel # 2 on tri fold brochures are usually reserved for the company logo and contact information including phone number, website and email.  Panels # 3, 4, 5 and 6 are all for product information and illustrations on tri fold brochures.  Find tri fold brochures templates in our free template section.  Tri fold brochures size: 8.5 x 11, 2 folds, 3 panels on each side, 6 panels total.  Each panel on tri fold brochures is 3.66 inches wide and 11 inches long.  Tri fold brochures are ideal for small businesses as they can be easily mailed in a standard # 10 envelope. 

Designing Tri Fold Brochures

When designing tri fold brochures you need to take a standard A4 sheet of paper, 8.5 x 11 inches, fold this sheet twice in thirds to create tri fold brochures.  Tri fold brochures are perfect to incorporate your corporate motif into the design.  When tri fold brochures are opened they have 3 panels on each side for your motif and text containing your corporate information and product specifications.  Printing tri fold brochures can aid you in increasing sales and can do wonders for your bottom line.  Printing tri fold brochures is very easy and affordable, send in your designs in any format and have 250 tri fold brochures printed on both sides in full color for only $ 224.00, this includes free shipping within the USA expect Hawaii and Alaska.  Tri fold brochures can be folded in a Z Fold or a Barrel Fold. 

Folding Tri Fold Brochures

To make tri fold brochures, take a sheet of paper 8.5 x 11 inches, fold twice into thirds as with a letter and presto you have a perfect tri fold brochureTri fold brochures can be made with other size papers as well, such as 8.5 x 14 inches, 11 x 17 inches and 13 x 19 inches.  The layout of tri fold brochures is as follows: 

  • Panel # 1 of tri fold brochures – Title, picture and a catchy tagline.  Possibly toll free number. 
  • Panel # 2 of tri fold brochures – This is the back of the brochure.  Address, tel number, website.
  • Panel # 3 of tri fold brochures – Salient features and benefits.  Main sale points.  Testimonials.
  • Panel # 4 of tri fold brochures – Complete text including company profile, product specs, salient benefits. 
  • Panel # 5 of tri fold brochures - Complete text including company profile, product specs, salient benefits. 
  • Panel # 6 of tri fold brochures - Complete text including company profile, product specs, salient benefits.   

Professional Business Tri Fold Brochure

Best Selling Tri Fold Brochure Designs

Technology Consulting Tri Fold Brochures
Wedding & Event Planning Tri Fold Brochures
Ski & Snowboard Instructor Tri Fold Brochures
Home Remodeling Tri Fold Brochures
Investment Advisor Tri Fold Brochures


Business Tri Fold Brochures

BBQ Restaurant Tri Fold Brochures
Computer Services & Consulting Tri Fold Brochures
Flower Shop Tri Fold Brochures
Job Expo & Career Fair Tri Fold Brochures
Civil Engineers Tri Fold Brochures
Public Relations Tri Fold Brochures
Adult Education Tri Fold Brochures
Marketing Agency Tri Fold Brochures
Green Living & Recycling Tri Fold Brochures
Nursing School Tri Fold Brochures

Every business can make use of flyer printingFlyer printing is an inexpensive way of advertising new business hours, special sales, events, coupons, extended hours, special services, new features and blitz promotions.  Flyer printing is very inexpensive and quite easy to do, you can choose a pre-designed flyer from our free templates section.  In the free flyer templates section we have a number of different flyers to choose from, depending on the event and the type of audience you are trying to reach.  Try a number of samples from the free flyer templates section, to see which works for you and your businessFlyer printing is a great low cost way to keep your name and products and services in the mind of your customers.  Flyer printing can also be used for direct mail marketing and inserts for newspapers.  Flyer printing can also be used for coupons, one side full of coupons and the other side advertising your business and products.  Flyer printing will allow you to promote your business in new neighborhoods and allows you to reach new customers.  Flyer printing will aid you to get the word out at local fairs and gatherings.  Flyer printing is available in the highest quality with multiple options on materials, sizes and coatings from Ambient Printing – Online Printing Solution.  Flyer printing is often mistaken for brochure printing and leaflet printing, leaflet printing is the same as flyer printing with the only difference being the size of the flyer/leaflet.  Most brochures are folded, which is what makes them brochures and not flyers.  Flyer printing is a very popular medium, only second to business cards and more or as effective.  Flyer printing allows you to attract new customers to your business, with a well designed and thought out flyer.

Marketing with flyer printing is a very effective way to get the word out; it is also quite cost effective and is a popular tool in the arsenal of a marketer.  When designing your flyer, always consider your target audience and how they will respond to your design.  Your flyer should not have too much text, be visual and use impact text to get your message across.  Your flyer printing must have a call for action – check your website, visit your new outlet or event. 
Flyer printing is indispensible to any marketer in today’s business world.  Flyer printing has a high success rate in bringing in new and repeat businessFlyer printing is a low cost alternative to a brochure; it is more a condensed brochure.  The cost of flyer printing is negligible and ideal for small businesses and start ups.  Flyer printing has a good conversion/success rate.
Examples of flyer printing

  • Nightclub flyer printing
  • Fire sale flyer printing
  • Extended hours flyer printing
  • New products flyer printing
  • New services flyer printing
  • Landscaping flyer printing
  • Restaurant flyer printing
  • Cheap flyer printing
  • Business flyer printing
  • Charity flyer printing
  • Advertising flyer printing
  • Accounting & tax flyer printing
  • Bike rentals flyer printing
  • Exhibitions flyer printing
  • Concerts flyer printing
  • House parties flyer printing
  • Halloween flyer printing
  • Christmas flyer printing

Newsletter printing is a low cost way of keep in touch with your loyal customers, potential customers, vendors and employees.  Get free newsletter templates from our template section.  Edit the text and add your pictures and logo and your newsletter will be ready for printing.  Newsletter printing allows you to make announcement and advertise new products, special deals, holiday hours, new services and company information; this will create goodwill amongst employees and customers.  Newsletter printing allows you to maintain a constant connection with your customers and employees, it allows for an open dialogue especially if you take and print emails and feedback.  Newsletter printing is a very simple process for the customer, once the newsletter is designed either professionally or using a newsletter template from our free template section. 

Your company newsletter should have a couple of permanent features such as notes from the editor, quotes from the manager, employee of the month, facts about your industry, country or city.  You need a few features section where you can have feature stories every newsletter edition.  Your newsletter must contain artwork – graphics and pictures to drawn in the customer’s interest and to break the monotony of blocks of text.   Newsletter printing can be an asset for all types businesses from large multi-national corporations to new small businesses trying to carve out a niche for themselves.  Newsletter printing is a very inexpensive way to stay in touch with your customers, so that they keep you in mind at all times.  Newsletter printing allows you to also use direct mail and newspaper inserts as a means of advertising, make sure to include your address, contact numbers and website with emails.  Newsletters can also be given away at conventions and exhibitions, make sure to include product and services brief in all your newsletter printing runs.  Make your newsletters available at all outlets and offices, where possible to gain the maximum amount of exposure.  Newsletter printing is a great idea for small businesses, since they are inexpensive to produce; customers think you are a long established business that puts funds back into the business.

Designing newsletters is relatively easy to do, start with a blank canvas, choose the size, 8.5 x 11 is the standard size.  Decide if you require printing on both sides or not, if you do, then make sure you choose a relatively thick paper.  You can go with your corporate colors as the background when designing newsletters, using different shades to separate the text boxes and to create a format.  When designing newsletters consider placement of text and pictures, use permanent sections for features every issue.  Create a couple of main article sections and try to add pictures and illustrations to break up the monotony of continuous text on your newsletterNewsletters can range from a single page, printed on both sides to multiple pages complied like a magazine, these are professional newsletter printing runs.

Letterhead printing is essential for all businesses big or small; it makes your business look professional and gives the impression of a large organization.  Letterhead printing is very easy; you can have your letterhead designed professionally or take a stab at it yourself.  Start with an 8.5 x 11 blank canvas and design a header using the colors and design of the logo, use your corporate colors, include the logo and company/business name.  Your company envelopes should match with your letterhead design, they should both be done together to continue the motif.  Letterheads are used by all companies and businesses alike.  Letterheads are the means of verification, acts as an official document, sends a professional message of competency and integrity.  Letterhead templates are available from our free templates section.  Pick a design that you like, download it and modify it as much as you can, send it back to us with your instructions and we will design it as you desire.  Or have Ambient Printing design the complete stationary package for you.  Ambient Printing can design your letterheads, business cards, envelopes, memo pads, brochures, flyers, newsletters, posters and even your shopping bags.  Please contact us if you require any further assistance.  Letterhead printing can also be used to print all sales orders, sales receipts, purchase orders, memos and invoice, making all your correspondence very professional, make sure to use printed envelopes to send these out.  In the letterhead printing process, when choosing the type of paper and finish, try to pick a slightly cream color paper and texture paper, which is more expensive yet better looking.

When designing your letterhead start with the basics, use your corporate colors (probably the same colors as your logo).  Your letterhead design should be in line with your business card design, make the design a continuation of your business card design.  A professionally designed letterhead goes a long way, it gives your business an air of professionalism, a sense of establishment, strength and affluence.  Ambient printing offers free letterhead templates to all registered users in our free template section.  Download a free letterhead template and start editing it with photoshop, make changes needed, add your logo and company name with tagline, don’t forget to include your contact details.

Envelope printing is an essential to any business today.  When a business sends out bills, purchase orders, newsletters, forms, product info, brochures, marketing materials, it is always prudent to use professionally designed envelopesEnvelope printing can also be used to advertise a new product or services or new locations or extended hours.  You can have your envelope designed using your corporate colors for a professional versions and design another with product specific content and images.  Envelope printing can be used to portray a very confident and professional message. 
Envelope printing can be on all different sizes of printed envelopes, the size to choose from ranges as illustrated below.  Envelope printing should be consistent with your letterhead design incorporating your corporate colors. 
Standard Envelope Printing Sizes:
•    # 9 Regular (3.875" x 8.875")
•    # 10 Regular (4.125" x 9.5")
•    # 10 Window (4.125" x 9.5", left side window)
•    A - 2 (4.375" x 5.75")
•    A - 6 (4.75" x 6.5")
•    A - 7 (5.25" x 7.25")
•    A - 9 (5.75" x 8.75")
•    6" x 9" Catalog (flap on 6" side)
•    6" x 9" Booklet (flap on 9" side)
•    9" x 12" Catalog (flap on 9" side)
•    9" x 12" Booklet (flap on 12" side)
•    10" x 13" Catalog (flap on 10" side)
•    10" x 13" Booklet (flap on the 13" side)

Your envelope design should be simple using your corporate colors and the design is in continuation from your letterhead design.  Include in your envelope design your company logo, name and tagline.  Your envelope design should also have your company address and your website address with your contact numbers.  When designing a product specific envelope, keep in mind the corporate and product colors and include few product highlights and product image that has been used in other advertising.  Your envelope design should be consistent with regards to colors and format, highlight your product/service with a call to action.  Envelope printing makes your product more visible, you create an impact and give the impression of a professional, well established business with minimal cost to you.  All these subliminal hints all add up to a corporate image.

Ambient Printing is your online printing solution.  We can provide you with custom printing solutions for any and all printing jobs, big or small, we can service all your printing needs.  Online printing solutions are available to all clients, Ambient Printing accepts all custom orders.  Ambient Printing provides all online printing solutions from designing to packaging.  Online printing solutions we provide are designing and printing services for brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, letterheads, newsletters and envelopesOnline printing solutions include designing of logos, stationary and all marketing collateralsOnline printing solutions include stationary and starter packages which include letterheads, envelopes, business cards and brochures.  Ambient printing will also offer you great deals in designing of your logo and all stationary for your business as part of our online printing solutionsOnline printing solutions also include copywriting services for all printing products from your slogan, tagline to your entire brochure, newsletter, financial reports, corporate profiles, sales letters, and introduction letters content.  Make Ambient Printing your online printing solution, we can help you design the launch of any of your products and services with complete design and copywriting for brochures, flyers, banners, panaflex banners, posters, presentation folders, corporate profiles, sales letters and financials.  Online printing solutions are available to all customers worldwide, free shipping and handling for all customers in USA, within the 48 continental states; there is a minimal additional surcharge for all international orders.  Online printing solutions allow you to start with a concept and let us mold it into shape with the design and the content.  Online printing solution allows you to have all designs and content emailed to you for final approval before the printing process starts.  Ambient Printing’s online printing solutions allows you to sit back and relax; while Ambient Printing’s teams of professionals will design and write for your concept, make as many revisions as needed.  Online printing solutions will present you with design options, text options, paper options, finishing options and final print proof, before going into production.  Online printing solutions will send out all materials professionally package to your site locations or to your office or warehouse.  A complete solution with Ambient Printing’s Online Printing Solutions.

Ambient Printing is a full service printing company.  Ambient Printing offers complete designing and printing services from start to finish.  Ambient Printing also offers copywriting services to clients for all marketing collateral, financial reports, brochures, newsletters and much more.  Ambient Printing is your complete online printing solutionAmbient Printing offers customers large and small custom jobs for all their printing needs.  Ambient Printing has custom sizes, shapes, papers, colors, printing technology and quantity.  Ambient Printing has extensive experience in the realm of printing services.  Ambient Printing has been in business since 1978 in Tulsa, OK, USA.  Ambient Printing is a close knit group of people; the average tenure is 11 years.  Ambient Printing is a team of talented and dedicated people; these people can be a part of your team too.  Ambient Printing is available to join your team in any and all capacities.  Ambient Printing can aid you in the design and copywriting phase of your project and obviously we can cater to all your printing needs.  Ambient Printing can aid you in all capacities of the printing process from concept to design to printingAmbient Printing has served clients of all shapes and sizes from mom and pop operations to conglomerates launching a new product or service.  Ambient Printing is equipped with all the modern technology to get your job done and delivered to you ASAP.  Ambient Printing has an international network of printers, designers and copywriters on hand to get any job done for any part of the world.  Ambient Printing can be your online printing solution and you will have to look nowhere else.  Ambient Printing can assist you in the design and copywriting of your new website. 

Professionally designed stationary is essential for every type of business, big or small. Professional stationary tells people that you are a professional outfit with a vision and ample funds to sustain your business. Professionally designed stationary is inexpensive and starts with your logo and your choice of corporate colors, which are usually derived from the colors in your logo. Professionally designed stationary includes but is not limited to letterheads, business cards, envelopes and compliment slips. You can get your own professionally designed stationary from any designer in your area, or by a designing company or from a printing company like Ambient Printing. Professionally designed stationary is like anything else, the more you are willing to spend on it the better it will be, have a good design company or your printer, design it for you, this will be the face of your company. Professionally designed stationary is available all over the web, Ambient Printing has design teams experienced in these types of projects, having created many corporate identities. Professionally designed stationary will be available in a range of prices starting from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands. Professionally designed stationary will allow you to create a brand that people will be able to recognize and as you expand, it can be a part of your Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line (BTL) advertising. Professionally designed stationary will also help you in creating an image of your brand in the marketplace to distinguish you from your competitors.

Brochure designing is quite simple, you can try to design yourself, if you have the basic understanding of photoshop.  You can start your brochure designing with a template from our free templates section, under brochure templates there are many to choose from in the standard size of 8.5 x 11.  Brochure designing begins with the selection of the appropriate size and folds of your basic brochure.  You have many to choose from: bi fold brochures, tri fold brochures, z fold brochures and gate fold brochures.  In your brochure design use your corporate colors and make a motif, look at your corporate identity for inspiration.  Once you have decided on a color scheme and have the basic layout you are almost done.  In your brochure design make sure to break up the monotony of blocks of text with pictures or illustrations, allocate space for text, pictures, highlight etc….  When brochure designing consider your audience, their demographics, what they respond to, their perceptions, incorporate this into your brochure designing.  Once your brochure design is complete, you need to write interesting and creative text to keep the attention of your audience, remember to include a call to action in the end.  Make sure to include in your brochure designs small places for re-print of text in quotations for maximum effect.  Your brochure design would not be complete without a call to action, where you request the readers to visit your nearest local outlet, or your website or call you for further information.  When designing your brochure consider including a coupon to entice the customer depending on your product or service.


Brochure printing is a great and inexpensive way to advertise your product with complete product information.  Brochure printing allows you to say everything there is to say about your company or product all in one place.  With brochure printing you have many styles to choose from depending on your audience and product, bi fold brochures, tri fold brochures, gate fold brochures and z fold brochures.  Brochure printing can be utilized at points of sale, showrooms, exhibitions, conventions and as direct mail inserts.  Brochure printing is vibrant, has high impact, very informative, enough space to include all disclosures and product specifications, highly versatile and inexpensive to produce.  Brochure printing can be done of all types of paper and card.  Brochure printing is usually done in full color, 4/4 colors.  Brochure printing can be done on both sides.  Brochures allow for complete creativity, you can fold your brochure into a small square and when it opens up has product features on one side and a full city/country wide map showing all your locations throughout your city/country.  Brochure printing will allow you to present to the world your company and its magnificent products in any manner you desire.  Consider every brochure printing job starts with a clean slate; let your imagination run wild.  There are many brochure templates available on the web, search and you may find exactly what you are looking or it might inspire you to create something of your own.  Brochure printing is done with a UV finish and a Matte finish, depending on your audience and industry/product.

Digital printing is done usually on small jobs that require very high quality printing.  Digital printing is usually done for small quantities of business cards, brochures, letterheads, newsletters, reports, presentations and flyersDigital printing can be done in full color, 4/4 colors or in black & white, as needed.  Digital printing is also used for printing high quality photographs.  Ambient Printing does all its digital printing on HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press and Xerox DocuColor 5000AP.  In digital printing we offer all customers, free binding, stapling and folding services.  Digital printing is used for quick small jobs that require high quality printing and for a small number of units.  Digital printing is very economical, high quality and with very fast turnaround.  Digital printing is used for high end brochures, business cards, high end books, financial reports, presentations and articlesDigital printing is mainly used by high end companies for their exclusive clients.  Digital printing will give you the highest quality finish available today, depending on the printer being used.  Digital printing allows you the ability to create sharp images and allows you to use vibrant colors which show up better on digital printingDigital printing will allow you to maximize your image as a high end supplier of products/services to a niche market.  Digital printing is crisp, clear, vibrant and concise. 

Get your poster printing done at Ambient Printing, there are multiple offers to choose from, many options to compare, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask for a custom quote on any shape, size, quantity and quality postersPoster printing can be used to advertise existing products, as part of a new product launch.  You can have your poster printing done in any shape or size, Ambient Printing can print your posters in any quantity you desire and on any type of paper or card.  Poster printing will give your company or product a lot more exposure.  Poster printing is a high impact way to get attention.  Have your posters designed by Ambient Printing through our team of designers, final designs available in any format.   Posters also make for great giveaways at events, presentations and product launches.  Poster printing designs are available all over the net and you can just browse through them and get inspiration from them.  Poster printing can be done in all sizes, shapes and colors.  Ambient Printing provides all types of paper quality for poster printingPoster printing can be used to advertise, launch a new product, announcement and can be informative.  Poster printing can lead to higher sales volumes, higher penetration rates, higher bottom line, more visitors to your stores and much more.  Poster printing can be used as direct mail inserts or newspaper inserts.  Poster printing can include the design of a dart board and you product info and company logo around the corners of the poster, this way the customer will always have your company logo and product information on his/her wall at all times. 

Calendar Printing is a great way to keep your company name, logo, phone number and slogan in the customer’s eye all year round, every day.  Calendar printing will give your company and products high visibility all year round.  Calendar printing is very functional for pharmaceutical companies, banks, insurance companies and many others.  Calendar printing is now more being used by smaller companies, where calendars are given away and have product and company information on the calendars.  Calendar printing will allow your customers to keep your company in mind all year round.  In your calendar printing you can include coupons and different calls to action for all the mediums of interaction that you may offer.  Calendar printing gives you the freedom to create any type of calendar from conventional to controversial.  Calendar printing will allow you to reach a large number of people and they will have your brand in mind every time they look at their calendarCalendar printing allows you to give detailed information about your products and services, your company history and heritage.  Calendar printing gives you the freedom to provide product specifics and salient benefits in detail.  Calendar printing gives you the option to make a daily, weekly or monthly calendar to better serve your objective.  Calendar printing allows you to be as creative as you can be, with a motif and appropriate pictures and text can include inspirational quotes, motivating statements, facts and figures.  In calendar printing the options you can choose from include daily desk calendars, monthly desk calendars, wall calendars, pocked calendars, business card calendars and booklet calendars. 

Door Hanger printing is vital for all retail outlets to inform customers of special offers, new products/services, new timings, new locations, new sales etc.  Door Hanger printing is a great and cost effective means of advertising and giving customers coupons to pull them in.  Door Hanger printing are used by pizza parlors, moving companies, carpet cleaners, fast food chains and many more companies to advertise, provide coupons or new product information.  Door Hanger printing is printed on 12 pt. and 14 pt. card.  Door Hanger printing can be used by companies to let their customers know that a representative has visited them and they we out, you can include your company info and any new products or specials that you are currently running.  Door Hanger printing is done in 3.5x11 and 4.25x11 or you can have a custom size for your door hangers as desired.  Door Hanger printing is very effective and catches every customer when they come home, hence you can have fast food and restaurants advertising with coupons before 5pm so when the client comes home and is ready for dinner, your product and phone number will be fresh in their minds.  Door Hanger printing can include all your free services that your customers can avail such as free delivery or free installation etc…

Print designing is essential for all businesses, find yourself a good designer and have them design for you your corporate identity and this must include logo, business cards, letterheads, brochures, posters, flyers, newsletters and bannersPrint designing is essential for all marketing collateral, make sure your designer keeps in mind the audience you are trying to reach.  Print designing is a part of every company’s marketing plan.  Print designing enables you to attract new customers with flare.  Print designing includes a corporate identity, which essentially is a logo and motif along with your color scheme.  Print designing will allow your customers to recognize your advertisements and/or your corporate identity.  Print designing aids you in building your brandPrint designing gives you creditability in the eyes of your customers, vendors and employees.  Print designing will allow you to create brand awareness and to create loyal customers.  Print designing is vital for businesses that wish to survive in this competitive business environment.  Print designing should be done by a professional designer however, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, some of the best and memorable logos are quite simples like Nike, Swatch, Honda and the like. 

Ambient Printing offers free shipping & handling for all products offered on this website, within the 48 continental United States of America.  The prices quoted on Ambient Printing’s website are inclusive of free shipping & handling within the 48 continental states.  There is a nominal additional charge for shipping & handling overseas and to Alaska and Hawaii.  The shipping & handling charge for outside the 48 continental states - for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, there is an additional charge of $ 10 per KG.  Shipping & handling charges for all international destinations there is an additional charge of US $ 20 per KG. Please call Ambient Printing to confirm the additional charges to your purchase if you do not live within the 48 continental sates of the United States of America.  Or email us:  All shipping within the 48 continental states is sent via 4 days ground shippingFree Shipping & Handling is part of the purchase price at Ambient Printing.  When Ambient Printing quotes a price to you it is inclusive of Free Shipping & Handling within the 48 continental United States of America. 

Presentation Folder Printing can make your presentation more professional and you will leave a lasting memento of your company.  Presentation Folder Printing is commonly used in all professional seminars, presentations, product launches, news briefings, press releases, governmental seminars, conventions and much more.  Every prospective client will have access to your corporate profiles, your corporate identity and your contact information.  Presentation Folder Printing is a great form of self advertising, where you can display your brands and your corporate image.  Presentation Folder Printing will allow you to leave a positive impression of your company and your presentation.  Bundled with Presentation Folder Printing is merchandising, your company name, logo and slogan on ball point pens, pencils, wallets, watches, people will always keep your company in the mind of people as they use your items.  Presentation Folder Printing can make your company/seminar/presentation more professional, command more authority, create a brand, market yourself to prospective clients and repeat clients.  Presentation Folder Printing will add value to your company in a multiple of ways.  Spending money on Presentation Folder Printing is the same as reinvesting into your businessPresentation Folder Printing is cost effective when done in reasonably large numbers like a print run of 1,000 to 5,000 units. 

Bi Fold Brochures are a great medium to use to get the word out about your products and services.  Bi Fold Brochures are cost effective with have high impact, high value advertising.  Bi Fold Brochures allow you to communicate with your customers and provide them with product specifications with illustrations and testimonials.  Bi Fold Brochures have 4 panels in total, two panels on the front and two panels on the back, allowing you to utilize enough space to express all your ideas.  Bi Fold Brochures will have a positive impact on your revenue and sales numbers.  In Bi Fold Brochures the first panel is your opening, have a eye catching heading, with a picture and some text to explain your product/service.  The second and third panels of your Bi Fold Brochures are for your product details with all specifications and salient benefits along with illustrations.  The final back panel of your Bi Fold Brochures is your calling card, where you will leave your calling card, all your contact information, your website, your email, telephone number and address.  Bi Fold Brochures will allow you to completely express your ideas, views, opinions and concept to your audience in detail with illustrations and all specifications.  Bi Fold Brochures are the simplest form of brochures with the noted exception of flyers, which are a single page format with more sizzle than substance. 

Copywriting is an art, writing copy to attract the attention of prospective customers and keep the language professional and inviting is a very difficult art form best to leave it to the professionals, hire yourself a talented copywriter or employ the services of companies that offer copywriting as a service.  To be an effective copywriter you must first understand your audience, their wants, needs and desires.  Copywriters start off with an eye catching heading to lure in the readers, then they keep the readers interested by telling them exact what they want to know.  Copywriters have a knack for finding ways to keep the reader interested and to get them to the end of the script where there is a call to action at the end.  Good copy writing can help your business increase sales and revenues.  Copywriters can help you in the development of your brochures, newsletters, financial reports, corporate write-ups, sales letters, all corporate communications and website content.  Good copy writing will have a huge impact on your revenues and sales figures. 

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