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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Simple and Clean Moodle Themes

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Free Simple and Clean Moodle Themes
Free Download, you will find a top theme in Moodle's own choice of the most simple and clean, which was released as a free download.

Aardvark 2.1 Simple and Clean Moodle Themes

From: Shaun Daubney
Requires: Moodle 2.0.x
Finally the Aardvark is back and fully upgraded for Moodle 2.
New features
  • Profile Bar with personal links and upcoming events
  • Graphic wrapper from previous Newbury College release
  • Uses custom menu in Moodle core 
  • Change colours and elements from settings menu
From: Shaun Daubney 
Moodle Theme
Simple and Clean Moodle Themes




Moodle Guide for Student

In Moodle you directly introduced to the runway using Moodle as the location of your course. how to get into your elearning.

We take that you get at smallest a canonical noesis of using a machine including sign devices same a creep and keyboard. In improver, it is counterfeit that you are common with your web browser and navigating between pages on the net.

Using Moodle

Moodle is one of galore Learning Management Systems (LMS). A LMS is a material of software that is fashioned to add to tralatitious acquisition methods in request to deepen the learning receive of their users. Moodle runs as an interactive website with a wares of features and activities fashioned to move learners and raise collaborative, student-centered acquisition.
At Craven, we are in the enation of stimulating all our online education acceptance to Moodle . During this shift quantify, you may hump courses in both Sheet and Moodle .

Login into Moodle

Use the browser below to log into your Moodle (s). Username & Password in Moodle, for example username for Joe Cole is joerock.

Your early reply is your birth date from the following divisions: MMDDYY should not allow spaces or slashes. For warning, if your birthday October 1, 1970 then you will be 100 170 words. The main dimensions you login, you will be asked to reply update your faculty.

Write slogan or a complete profile.
  1. Moodle supports all browsers like IE, Firefox, Expedition, House, etc. (Firefox is recommended.). 
  2. Write in the address bar of your browser. 
  3. On the login menu elearning fill in the username and password in the text area and click login.

Accessing Your Course

Once logged in, you can select the name of the course you want followed. you can click the link of each title and access to the course to suit the title page.

 Referensi : | Moodle Manual Book
View Other moodle Guide book for Student


Monday, July 18, 2011

Moodle Guide For Beginner

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To teachers or lecturers of the school was already using an online learning facility, it never hurts to read this moodle guide for beginners, will be very useful for your friends / relatives who become teachers in online learning.

Overview of Moodle Guide for Beginner

Introduction This paper briefly discusses one of the e-Learning applications that exist, ie Moodle. Moodle is a software package produced for the internet-based learning activities and websites. Moodle continues to develop the system design and user interface design every week (up to date). Moodle is available and can be used freely as an open source product under the GNU license. Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, which means a place to learn dynamically using object-oriented model. In Moodle provides a complete software package (Moodle + Apache + MySQL + PHP).

Referensi: Moodle guide book 

Moodle Guide for Student

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