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Origami Instruction: another Origami Flowers

Good day
origami flowers
As you can see from the image above, today's post is about how to make another Origami Flowers for your collections. I dont think any of my post about Origami flowers here is hard to make, all is easy mode. So you can make these origami as much as you can. Enjoy

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Origami Flowers: Flower with Four Petals

Good day

Today i wanna share you how to make Origami Flowers. And for today's flower is a 4 petals flower. This origami instruction is not too hard to make, its pretty simple i guess. You can make it with your student or you can make it with your daughter in your spare time with her. Use pink origami papers or at least light colour origami papers so the origami looks more pretty.
origami flowers

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Final Fantasy Papercraft: Warrior of Light

final fantasy papercraft

the warrior of light could be a playable character in dissidia final fantasy and dissidia 012 final fantasy. a skilled and honorable swordsman, he duels using each sword and protect to firmly strike enemies. he's the leader as to the characters fighting for cosmos, and could be a stoic and determined individual who serves the can as to the goddess faithfully. in opposition to firmly him, his nemesis, garland, is chaos’s right-hand man. dissidia’s character files note that not even he is aware of his true name or origins, and dissidia 012 elaborates on each extensively, revealing his connection to firmly cosmos and cid as to the lufaine and establishing him as an original character not summoned from another world such as the others. 

though all ten heroes as to the original dissidia have their very own destiny odysseys, the warrior of light is taken into account the most protagonist as to the game’s storyline, seeing as how he leads another warriors.
anyway you can download the instructions HERE

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Origami Flowers: Lotus

Good day..
origami flowers

There are soo many Origami Flowers instructions in the net and i wanna share some of it to you guys. Origami Flowers for today is Lotus. Lotus is an aquatic flower which is very beautiful with its various colors and did you know that lotus known in many religion as a sign of purity? Anyway, today's origami instruction is best if you use same color up and down Origami Paper. Make 4 or 5 of this origami, stick it in the bottom with some bamboo sticks, put it in the vase and you'll get a very beautiful lotus flower bucket ^^
Oh i forgot that you can find the rest if the instruction in the picture below. Enjoy
origami flowers


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Papercraft Instruction: Rilakkuma n Friends

Good day all 
Rilakkuma bear
Rilakkuma n Friends
today i wanna give one super dupper really awesome papercraft instruction for you, its Papercraft Instruction: Rilakkuma n Friends. This papercraft featured with rilakkuma and his friends including the guitar, piano, and maracas too (yes thats maracas not candy). I think your baby girl would love this papercraft alot, so i think you should make these papercraft and give it to your children as a gift or you can just make it together with them so they can learn how to make papercraft too. All you need to do is print the instructions which you can them HERE, cut it carefully with scissor, stick it with some paper glue, and you done. This Papercraft Instruction: Rilakkuma n Friends comes from some japanese anime kawaii rilakkuma in case you didn't know. You can always get more cool papercrafts at Papercraft 2: Design and Art with Paper


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