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Caring Man In A Van - Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
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Senior Transportation service
non emergency transportation seniors
Senior Transportation service


image Our company was founded based on the personal experiences we had with my Mother requiring transportation by wheelchair. I found the transportation business to really have two options for transportation, Ambulance which was very expensive and Non-Emergency Medicaid or County transportation which was very unreliable. I felt there was a better way to service the Senior and Disabled community, offering personal care and attention. Doing simple things like, being on time for appointments, providing a clean comfortable vehicle to ride in, having a driver that really cares about your well being, and with medical appointments staying with you and assisting in any way possible. This service has been well received as we have continued to develop other markets. With this positive reception and the growth of the Senior population we have decided to expand our services through a Franchise Network. We thank our partners and our past clients for their support and look forward for new partners with the same interest we have in serving the Non-Emergency Transportation industry. The business model we have developed has proven to be both profitable and rewarding.

Scott Chamberlain

A brief message from Scott

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Customer Reviews

image We are so pleased with your Service and everyone with your company has been so nice to us. I have experienced other companies and well tell you Caring Man in a Van is by far the best. Gary


I am actually not in need of your services, but I wanted to relay something that I saw this morning. I was stopped at the corner of Claremont and North Druid Hills in Atlanta this morning about 10am, and an older gentlemen was crossing in the crosswalk a few cars ahead. The wind picked u, he lost his hat under a car stopped at the red light, and he couldn’t bend down to retrieve it. He crossed to get out of traffic and left the hat behind. I then watched one of your drivers (a middle aged black gentleman) get out of his van, walk across a lane of stopped traffic (still stopped for the light), and dig the man’s hat out from under the car. He caught up with him on the sidewalk, returned his hat, and everyone was off to the rest of their day.

I wanted to relate that because it was an extraordinarily kind gesture, and no one would have noticed had he decided to ignore it and not get out of the van. He represented your company extremely well, and I can only hope his actions are a reflection of the kind of business you run.

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