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RK Designs - Antique Engine rebuilding - Royse City, Texas
R K Designs Inc.
Engine Services

Your Model A Engine Specialist

    AA truck

When you need a little extra edge for your Model A, look no further than RK Designs. Located just east of Dallas, Texas, rebuilt RK engines are designed to maintain a cruising speed of 55 to 60 miles per hour all day.

This improved performance extends the life of the engine three times that of the Babbitt engine, depending on maintenance and service.

We service all makes of antique engines.

We have been improving the internals of antique automotive engines for over 30 years with incredible success.  Please contact us for more information.




TEST #1: Ford Stock Engine

TEST #2: RK balanced Touring Performance package with stock accessories. Netted a 40% gain in HP with cam #2.

TEST #3: Same engine as test #2 but with a Brumfield head and down draft carb, intake, and headers added. Netted a 100% gain in HP with cam #2.

TEST #4: RK Full Pressure Performance "A" Model with cam #3, dual carburetors and a 6.2:1 compression.

TEST #5: RK Full Pressure Performance "A" Model with cam #2, dual carburetors and a Miller overhead valve head.

On the road again

Take a lot of the worry out of your next drive with a rebuilt engine from RK Designs. Enjoy the marked improvement of horsepower and performance. Take a look at our Engine Services for information on our rebuild service and learn more about RK Designs on our History section. Call today for more information.

Meet and Visit with Ron Kelley:

We occasionally have short blocks or complete engines for sale. Call to check on availability.