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Towing Company, Emergency Roadside Service | Hiawassee, GA
Call Us in Hiawassee, Georgia, at (866) 618-6570 for
Towing Services
Turpin's Wrecker Service

Towing & Emergency Roadside Services

Request towing and emergency roadside services from our wrecker company located in Hiawassee, Georgia. Turpin's Wrecker Service is a fully insured company guaranteeing fast service.  For more than 23 years, we have specialized in 24-hour towing and recovery services. We have the equipment available to handle all types of vehicles. Contact us for details.

Towing Services and Recovery Services
Turpin's Wrecker Service provides dependable 24/7 short and long-distance towing and recovery services. We have 13 tow trucks available with 4of the trucks equipped with rollback and under-lift towing for motor homes and heavy-duty trucks.
Long-distance towing is available for a 1,000 radius of Hiawassee going to Florida, Texas, and New York. Call (866) 618-6570 today for 24/7 towing and emergency roadside services.

Continuous Training
The majority of our drivers have between5 to 20 years of experience providing towing services. We have monthly safety meetings and on-site training on a regular basis to make sure your vehicles are transported safely.

Roadside - Emergency Roadside Service
Engine - Emergency Roadside Service

Emergency Roadside Service
Roadside assistance is provided within a 35-mile radius of Hiawassee, and our response time is prompt for all emergencies. For your convenience, we have ICC authority to transport all vehicles across state borders if needed. 
Emergency services include lockout service, changing flat tires, emergency fuel delivery, and jump-starts.

Vehicle Repairs (Free Estimates)
We tow broken down vehicles to the shop and provide free estimates for all repairs. Using computer diagnostic testing, our technicians determine your vehicle's problems and report them to you accurately. We can repair brakes, water pumps, and alternators. Tune-ups and other vehicle repair services for any size vehicle are available as needed.