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Le Shallon Pure & Natural Care

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+612 98040975
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126A Roberts Road
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Our online store is open 24/7 or send us an email

Welcome to Le Shallon Pure and Natural Care

Le Shallon uses only 100% Pure and Natural raw materials gathered from Australia to help our skin nourish and stay healthy without leaving any harmful chemicals. Because we believe that beauty is a full package and your health and skin needs holistic care. Our skin care range is made with natural and all organic ingredients, without using any synthetic chemicals that is harmful to the skin. We manufacture in a way that preserves the integrity of our products with 100% pure essential oils and combining them with the finest vegetables oils such as extra virgin olive oils.
We deeply love our planets and animals that surrounds us!! So we don't use palm oil in any of our skin care products. We insisted to make our products, especially handmade soaps, without applying any palm oils or any animal fat. And we strongly go against animal testing on our products.
We trully believe that true beauty comes from the inner side, so love yourself, your families and friends. Love you life and Mother Earth, in which we live on. Remember not to fear the passing years, for true beauty has no age or bounds!!