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Zoo World Cheats

Monday, August 8, 2011

Three tips for Zoo World | Zoo World Cheat Guide

Keep It Simple, Three tips for ZooWorld

Factors you really should know:

Strategies are everywhere but which strategy is best? I use to think that this was not that important–we have a real contender as it seems. Someone who has taken the Zoo World by storm! Oh, maybe not yet, until you read this. You are about to be that person! This online game is about to get a lot greater because the worldwide recognition and growth continues to bring in more users to Zoo World players who want to know how to play this game. And here you go...

1. Number One, Breeding

One of the ways to get strategies done is "Breeding." You can make Wildlife Points, trade the breed animals, and level up by doing it. You can get done quicker, and while it’s really expensive to breed, it’s also fun because of the many ways you can make cute little animals. Breeding is key to this game.

2. Second Thing, Your Friends

The second thing you need to do is get friends. The key is friends. No surprise there – this is a Facebook game after all. If you want a great following on Facebook in Zoo World you need to build a following. Visit their zoos, trade with them, and help them out when they need it.

3. So Now the Report Card Grade

And so the Report Card Grade is key, If you want to get anything formed, you absolutely need a near perfect report card. This means buying buildings, trading, hiring people, upgrading your animals and everything else.

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