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Are you setting foot into a new venture? Hosting a party? Redesigning your shop?
By the different packages that we offer below we develop the look and identity of business and help promote your company by providing creative solutions via graphic designing.


Logo Design : $35

Logo is the first thing people will remember about your company. So why compromise with it. Fill us in with the details of your firm and rest assured for the most effective logo from our side.

Visiting Card : $15

Your visiting card is your identity. It says a lot about your position in  the corporate world. We, with our designs help you set just the right position for you.


Letter Head : $15
Ever thought how effective those little graphics on your letter head could be………try it out with our innovative designs, which suit your profession.

Posters : $30
Just a little touch of creativity for your otherwise simple walls could do wonders for your business…..we design concept based posters for your workplace…..be it an office, a boutique, a restaurant, a pub or even something as imaginative as a warehouse!

Invitation card: $15

Stuck at the idea of throwing a party?? what better way to begin than with the invitation Card…..your invitation card could be most suggestive…….Through our whacky designs we put that added ingredient of professionalism in it.

Brochure $15 Per Side
A brochure could sell your product or it could not. Realize the importance of this mere 2-fold or 3-fold sheet……With our designs you can rest assured that the response is going to be affirmative.

CD cover design : $10

Wanna give a CD as a gift??? Or preserve your CD for the next generation???? Maybe its your home video, or something your child has sung as a kid? We design the most impressive theme based CD covers at rates which would shock you.

Corporate Identity Plan: $60

(logo, letterhead, visiting card, envelope) With this package we offer to design your entire corporate identity at the most affordable rates. Don't miss out on this one!!



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