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Are you targeting the right keywords to market your site ?.

Keyword Analysis Service:

Whether you do it yourself or you rely on professional SEO services, proceeding to a detailed keyword analysis is a very important step of your internet marketing and search engine optimization strategy.

Its extremely crucial to identify keywords and groups of keywords that best describe your products and services. It is very important to know which keywords, users are using the most on the search engines relating to your business, to achieve the desired targeted traffic on your website.

Most web surfers find web sites through search engines, and therefore, it is essential to know what the surfers are searching the most on the search engines.

With our detailed keyword analysis, we analyze your business keywords and provide an exhaustive keyword report which states the most searched keywords related to your business, the approx number of times your target keywords are being searched for in all major search engines, how many competitors you would have to compete with for each exact term, and the estimated amount of visitors per day for each keyword and all the possible keyword combinations searched on the search engines by the surfers.

We also perform a keyword density analysis on your website to find out the relevant keyword density as compared to the total number of keywords used on your website. The keyword density is extremely important as the search engines take keyword density in consideration while ranking a website.

We only charge 39.99 USD for your keyword analysis.
We guarantee the cheapest keyword analysis rates on the internet.
Payments can be made in USD / Euro / Sterling pounds. Payments are processed on a secured server.

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