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Get your site on the top search engine results.

Website Analysis Service:

Most web surfers find web sites through search engines. Therefore, it is essential to have a good ranking on search engines.

You don't necessarily need to hire Search engine optimization consultants to optimize your site for search engines. Websquash offers a paid site analysis at a price even small businesses can afford, while providing solid information that will enable you to do the search engine optimization work yourself. We will help you to get the best search engine rankings that are possible for your web sites.

If you don't know why your web site doesn't come up in search results, Websquash will examine your web site and send you the detailed analysis about what you need to do to improve the search engine ranking of your web site. We will provide you with the information how step-by-step you can make your web site appear in the top 50 search results of major search engines.

We will provide an exhaustive 30+ page detailed analysis report about your website covering almost all the aspects search engines take into account for ranking a website.

Each and every element of your website which plays a role in achieving the desired search engine rankings will be analyzed.

Elements stated below and many more will be analyzed.

  1. Web Page Title
  2. Meta Keywords
  3. Meta Description
  4. Body Text
  5. First Paragraph Of The Body Text
  6. URL
  7. H1 Headline Text
  8. H2 Headline Text
  9. Internal Links
  10. External Links
  11. Link Popularity
  12. Internal Link URLs
  13. External Link URLs
  14. IMG ALT Attributes
  15. HTML Comment Tags
  16. Statistics For Keywords and Key phrases
  17. Tips to rank high on the search engines
  18. And much more.

We only charge 35.99 USD for your web site analysis.
We guarantee the cheapest website analysis rates on the internet.
Payments can be made in USD / Euro / Sterling pounds. Payments are processed on a secured server.

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