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We email your website / product or service to 50,000 email subscribers.

Email marketing is still the most effective way to get targeted visitors to your site. We have designed an extremely beneficial email marketing campaign. A win win marketing for all

How does it work?

  1. We write a unique 300 word article / writeup about your business / service.
  2. We add this article to our blog with a link to your website.
  3. Your article in websquash blog remains permanent with a permanent backlink.
  4. This article is emailed in our subscribers.
  5. This article is sent to 50,000 real people through email every 15 days. ( 2 times in a month ).
  6. You receive a tracking link to see how many clicks / targeted visits you received through the email campaign.

So you get to advertise your products / services through a permanent link in your article at our blog for just $199 a month.

There are no contracts, committments or hidden costs.

You only pay $199 one time. You can renew it everymonth. We DONT charge automatically.

You simply order & RELAX!

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Note: You will be directed to a form to submit your site details after the order is submitted.

1. Is your email list safe?

YES. We maintain a 100% double optin safe email list.

2. How many times my ad / website is emailed?

Two times to 50,000 real people at an interval of 15 days.

3. Do you accept all kinds of websites?

NO. We do not accept adult ads, ads pertaining to child abuse, illegal softwares.

4. I don't have a website, can I still market in your emails?

Yes, you can send us your ad content and we will include it in our emails.